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[title] AccessingUsing the BoXZY Laser Tab
[title] AccessingUsing the BoXZY Laser Tab
[* red] In the BoXZY Interface, select the '''BoXZY Tab''', indicated by the red arrow in the first image.
[* black] You may have to adjust your window size to see the entire BoXZY Laser Tab. Do this by selecting and dragging the Window Separator, indicated by the black arrow in the second image.
[* black] There are four '''Control Panels''' in your BoXZY Laser Tab. You can see them in the third image. The colored boxes correspond with the panel names below:
[* orange] Process
[* yellow] Alignment
[* green] Focus
[* blue] Image
[* violet] The BoXZY Laser Tab has two preview windows, indicated by the pink arrows in the third image. On the left is the '''Main Preview Window''' and on the right is the '''Zoom Preview Window'''. We'll discuss the control panels and preview windows in more depth in the next steps.