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[title] The BoXZY Laser Interface: Focus Panel
[* black] '''ImageFocus Panel'''
[* black] '''ImageFocus Panel'''
[* red] The '''Focus '''button will send the Z axis to the position of 50.7mm, this is the focal distance of the Laser's lense
[* orange] The '''Material''' box is the thickness of the '''Material '''you will be using the Laser on. This thickness will be added to the total distance of focus. ''Material Thickness + 50.7''
[* green] The '''Z''' box is the read out of ''Material Thickness'' and the ''Focal Distance'', you won't manually enter any value into this box
[* green] The '''Arrows '''in the Z box will adjust the Laser focus by 0.1mm up or down. These arrows will allow you to adjust the Laser focus and fine tune the quality of your Etch or Cut
[* yellow] The '''Z Button''' will send the Build Plate and Leveling Platform to the Z axis origin. '''Do Not''' use this button when there is material in your BoXZY or an Attachment in your Attachment Mount
[* light_blue] The '''Single Arrow Z '''Button will move the Z axis up or down 1mm
[* blue] The Double Arrow Z Button will move the Z axis up or down 10mm