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[title] Setting up your BoXZY to Test the Laser: partPart 1
[title] Setting up your BoXZY to Test the Laser: partPart 1
[* black] First, ''remove'' any attachment in your BoXZY Attachment Mount
[* black] Verify that your ''Leveling Platform'' is on your BoXZY ''Milling Platform'' and that it is level. If you have not Leveled your Leveling Platform by following our 3D Printing Guide go to [guide|115|this|stepid=538] link and read steps 2 and 3 to adjust your Leveling Platform
[* black] On the Manual Control tab, send your X, Y and Z axes to their Home. You can do this by clicking the lower left Home button or typing '''G28 '''into your Gcode Sender line and selecting ''Send''
[* black] In your G-Code sender line type the following: '''G92 X0 Y0 Z0''' and press ''Send'', this Gcode will set the current position of the Attachment Mount as 0,0,0. This code can be used to set a position for a New Origin that is not the the axes Home position
[* red] ''Insert'' your '''Laser Attachment''' into your BoXZY Attachment Mount so that the Laser's Metal Ring sits flush on top of the Attachment Mount. Lock your Attachment Mount and connect the Wiring Harness to your Laser Attachment. You should see "BoXZY Laser Head detected" in the log display
[* black] Place one piece of Cardboard, about the size of your BoXZY Leveling Platform, centered on your ''Leveling Platform''
[* black] In your ''G-Code Sender'' type '''G1 Z50.7''' and then press '''Send'''
[* icon_note] The Focal Distance of your BoXZY Laser is 50.7mm away from the Laser Module. You will ''not have to'' manually set this value in the future