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[title] Setting Up BoXZY to Test the Laser: Part 1Laser
[title] Setting Up BoXZY to Test the Laser: Part 1Laser
[* black] First, remove any Attachment Head from the Attachment Mount.
[* black] Make sure that your Leveling Platform is leveled atop the Milling Platform. If you haven't leveled it yet, follow [guide|115|steps 2 and 3|stepid=538] in our 3D Printing Guide.
[* yellow] In the Manual Control Tab, home your X, Y and Z axes. You can do this by clicking the lower left '''home''' button or by typing '''G28''' into your G-code input line (shown with yellow indicators in the first image) and clicking '''Send.'''
[* red] Insert the '''Laser Head''' into the Attachment Mount. The Head's metal ring should sit flush with the top of the Mount, as shown by the red arrow in image 2. Lock the Head in and connect the quick-change cable to your Laser Head.
[* icon_caution] When plugging your cable in, be sure you have the plugs squarely aligned, as you did with the Attachment Mount and limit switch during your first setup.
[* icon_caution] Be aware of the quick-change head and limit switch cables when using BoXZY. They can easily fall over and catch on one of BoXZY’s corners while in use. To avoid this, you can zip tie them together or 3D print a cable guide for BoXZY by following this [|link].
[* black] When you connect the quick-change cable to your Laser Head, you should see "BoXZY Laser Head detected" in the log display in the interface, as shown in the red box in image 1.