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[title] Setting up your BoXZY to Test the Laser: partPart 2
[title] Setting up your BoXZY to Test the Laser: partPart 2
[* black] Go to [|this] link and download the BoXZY Laser Test file that we have prepared
[* red] In your BoXZY Interface, Select the '''Load''' button and locate the '''BoXZY Laser Test''' file you downloaded
[* icon_reminder] The BoXZY Laser Test file is a Gcode file. We are doing this without the BoXZY Laser Tab Interface to test the Laser Attachment itself before we dive into how to use the BoXZY Laser Tab Interface
[* icon_caution] Put your Laser Safety Glasses on and make sure that anyone in viewing distance of the Laser is wearing Laser Safety Glasses
[* orange] ''Select'' '''Start Print''' and watch your BoXZY perform the BoXZY Laser Test
[* black] When the Gcode for the BoXZY Laser Test etch is finished the laser module will turn itself Off, press your E-Stop on your BoXZY Power Supply and examine your BoXZY Laser Test
[* black] You should see the BoXZY Robot Icon etched into the cardboard. If it resembles or looks similar to the ''third image'', your Laser Attachment is functioning well
[* black] Next we will begin using the BoXZY Laser Interface to adjust and fine tune Image files for the BoXZY Laser