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[title] Setting Up BoXZY to Test the Laser: Part 3
[* icon_reminder] '''The BoXZY Laser Test file is a G-code script. Usually, your process for laser etching will be to open an image file in the '''BoXZY Laser Tab,''' '''NOT''' to use the '''Load''' button in the main interface window to load G-code. We're using G-code now to test the Laser Head itself. Later, we'll dive into working with images.'''
[* black] Go to [|this link] and download the BoXZY Laser Test file.
[* red] In the BoXZY Interface, select the '''Load''' button and locate the '''BoXZY Laser Test''' file you downloaded.
[* icon_note] The BoXZY Laser Test file is a G-code script. Usually, you open an image file to laser etch in the '''BoXZY Laser Tab''' and you don't use this '''Load''' button. Right now, we just want to test the Laser Head itself, so we're using G-code. Later, we'll dive into how to etch images using the BoXZY Laser Tab.
[* icon_caution] '''Put your Laser Safety Glasses on and make sure that anyone in viewing distance of the laser is wearing Laser Safety Glasses.'''
[* orange] Click '''Start Print''' and watch BoXZY perform the Laser Test.
[* black] After the BoXZY Laser Test G-code is done running, the Laser Head will turn itself off. Press the '''physical e-stop''' on the Power Station and examine your etching (remember to twist and release the e-stop before attempting to resume using BoXZY)
[* icon_reminder] You should see the BoXZY robot icon etched into the cardboard. If it resembles the third image, your Laser Head is working well. You can use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to clean off any carbon residue from the etching. Any oils or moisture will smear the black carbon and make it very difficult to remove.
[* black] Next, we'll learn how to use the BoXZY Laser Tab to adjust and fine-tune image files for etching or cutting.