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[title] The Alignment Panel
[* red] Just like in the Manual Control Tab, you can move the X and Y axes incrementally using the directional pad, as indicated by the red arrow in the image.
[* orange] The orange arrows indicate the Send X to Home and Send Y to Home buttons. They act the same as they do in the Manual Control Tab.
[* blue] The '''On''' and '''Off''' buttons, shown by blue arrows, toggle '''Alignment Mode'''. When Alignment Mode is on, the laser turns on at a very low power level. This projects a blue dot onto your material, showing you the exact location of the Laser Head.
[* icon_caution] Wear your Laser Safety Glasses when the laser is on, even at low power. Do not place your hands in your BoXZY when the laser is on at any power level.
[* green] The '''Center Zoom''' button (shown by the green arrow) will center the Zoom Preview Window to the X, Y coordinates where your Laser Head is currently located. This will show the part of your image file that is directly below the Laser Head.