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[title] Loading an Image file
[* blue] To ''Load'' a file to the Laser Interface select the '''Open''' button in the upper left hand side of your ''BoXZY Laser Interface Tab''
[* black] You can load only image files into the BoXZY Laser Tab. The Load button for 3D Printing and CNC Milling is not used with the BoXZY Laser Attachment
[* black] Locate the image file you want to Laser etch or cut
[* black] The BoXZY Laser Interface will accept '''.png .jpg .bmp .gif . tif'''
[* black] Remember to move the image around the Main Preview Window to where you want it on your material. Turn on the Alignment mode, using the red crosshair to precisely see where your image will etch onto your material
[* icon_note] The Software will automatically convert the image to greyscale
[* icon_note] BoXZY will translate grey pixels as black pixels and will differentiate only between white and black pixels to algorithmically calculate the cut lines when cutting
[* icon_caution] Before you use your Laser Attachment on any material be sure you understand what the material composition is. Wood, Leather, Cardboard, Acrylic and Anodized Aluminum will not release harmful odor but will produce an odor. Use fan ventilation when necessary