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[title] Preparing an Image file for BoXZY
[* black] When preparing an image file to Etch you will need to have your image file scaled relative to BoXZY's resolution
[* black] Take note of the orientation of BoXZY in the left window of the Preview pane:
[* blue] The blue arrow points to the pulley cover for the Y axis
[* orange] The orange arrow points to the X/Y Home axes. This is where all images will be first placed when uploading
[* green] The green circle indicates a red crosshair, which shows where the Laser Attachment is centered over
[* black] When creating your image file to be an exact size you will need to understand that one(1) pixel is 0.1mm
[* black] This means if an image needs to be 20mm wide the file needs to be 200 pixels wide in the file creation program

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