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[title] Alignment Panel Test: partPart 1
[title] Alignment Panel Test: partPart 1
[* black] Go to [|this] link and download the Square Circle file that we have prepared
[* black] Place one piece of Cardboard, about the size of your BoXZY Leveling Platform, centered on your ''Leveling Platform''
[* blue] To ''Load'' a file to the Laser Interface, select the '''Open''' button in the upper left hand side of your ''BoXZY Laser Interface Tab''
[* light_blue] Once you have opened the Square Circle image, use the X and Y sliders (shown by blue arrows) on the Left Preview Pane to move the image around. Move the image to the center of the Preview Pane
[* black] In the Alignment Panel, click the '''On''' button to turn the Laser on and note the projected blue dot.
[* icon_caution] Wear your Laser Safety Glasses when the Laser is ''On'', even at a low power. Do not place your hands in your BoXZY when the Laser is ''On''