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[title] Alignment Panel Test: Part 1
[* black] Before running the Alignment Panel Test, return to [guide|117|Step 1|stepid=575] and follow the first 4 bullet points to home your axes and install the Laser Head.
[* black] Go to [|this link] and download the Square Circle image that we have prepared.
[* green] Take a piece of cardboard that's about the size of your Leveling Platform and center it on the platform. Measure the cardboard's thickness in millimeters and enter this value into the '''Material''' box, shown by the green box in the first image. Then, click the '''Focus''' button to send the Leveling Platform to the correct focal distance.
[* blue] To load a file into the Laser Tab, select the '''Open''' button in the upper left hand corner of your screen, as shown by the blue arrow in the first image. '''This is the only button you can use to load actual image files.'''
[* icon_reminder] The laser interface automatically produces a gcode script based on current settings when you load an image, and a new script after adjusting any settings. It is automatically loaded into the gcode editor for you to view, edit, save, or run
[* light_blue] Once the file is opened, use the X and Y sliders (shown by blue arrows in the second and third images) in the '''Main Preview Window''' to move the image around. For the test, move the image to the center of the window.
[* black] In the Alignment Panel, toggle '''Alignment Mode''' on. The laser will turn on at the lowest power setting and you'll see a blue dot appear on your material. Note its location.
[* icon_caution] Wear your Laser Safety Glasses when the laser is on, even at low power. Do not place your hands in your BoXZY when the laser is on at any power level.