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[title] Setting Up BoXZY to Test the Laser: Part 2
[* black] Take a piece of double-corrugated cardboard that's about the size of your Leveling Platform and measure its thickness with a metric ruler or caliper. You want your measurement to be in millimeters. Now, center the piece of cardboard on the platform, as shown in image 3.
[* black] If you have to use thinner cardboard, lower your maximum power level using step 9 so that the laser doesn't cut clean through it.
[* black] Add your material thickness measurement to 50.7mm. This is the Laser Head's focal distance.
[* black] In your G-code input line, type G1 Z# and then click Send, where # is the value in millimeters that you just calculated by adding your material thickness to the focal distance. You will not have to manually calculate and set this value in the future.