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[title] Prepare BoXZY for Milling the SampleTest File
[title] Prepare BoXZY for Milling the SampleTest File
[* icon_reminder] Always make sure your e-stop is easily accessible before milling.
[* black] Un-box your Milling Head and attach your preferred milling bit.
[* icon_note] The Milling Head accepts a 1/4" diameter shaft milling bit secured in a collet. You can use any bit with a 1/4" shaft diameter, or you can use a 1/4" collet reducer for bits with smaller shaft diameters.
[* icon_note] We recommend using a carbide two-flute endmill, which works well on many different materials.
[* black] Once you've installed your bit, set aside the Milling Head for later use. Don't insert the Milling Head into BoXZY just yet.
[* black] Remove the Leveling Platform, so that you can only see the Milling Platform.
[* black] [guide|110|Home your X, Y, and Z axes.|stepid=531]
[* icon_reminder] '''Always home an empty machine.''' Keep BoXZY clear of Attachment Heads, clamps, and milling materials before you home your axes to avoid damaging your BoXZY or material.