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[title] Prepare BoXZY for Milling the Test File
[* black] Un-box your Milling Head and attach the provided 1/4" 2 flute carbide endmill (bit).
[* icon_note] The Milling Head accepts 1/4" diameter shafts. Many different sized bits and endmills are available with a 1/4" shaft diameter. You can also use a collet reducer for bits with smaller shaft diameters.
[* black] Once you've installed your bit, set aside the Milling Head for later use.
[* icon_reminder] Don't insert the Milling Head into BoXZY or plug it into the Power Station just yet.
[* black] ++needs to be tight enough that it's not possible for material to pull bit out but it can't be too tight that it's impossible to move the bit or you can have other consequences.++