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Changes to Step #6

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Step Lines

[title] Insert the Milling Head and Get Ready to Set the Z Start Point
[* black] If necessary, lower the Milling Platform so that you have enough space to install your Milling Head so that your bit does not touch the material.
[* black] Insert the Milling Head into the Attachment Mount and temporarily clamp it in place. '''Do not''' connect the Milling Head to power at this time.
[* green] Now move the Milling Platform back up toward the bit until you’re within 1” of it but not close enough to touch the bit, as shown in the second image.
[* black] Loosen the clamp on the Attachment Mount and allow the Milling Head to gently slide down until the bit touches your material.
[* violet] Slowly move the platform back up, so that it’s gently pushing the Milling Head up. When the base of the router is flush or just a little bit below the base of the Attachment Mount, as shown by the purple arrow in the image, clamp the Milling Head in place securely. The bit's current location is where you’ll set your Z Start Point.

Image 3