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[title] Machine Home vs. User Home
[* red] '''Machine Home''' is the the position the axes go to when using the ''Home Buttons'' in the BoXZY Interface and the ''G28 Gcode'' command
[* red] Machine Home uses the Minimum Limit Switches to determine when it is Home
[* blue] '''User Home''' is any X, Y, Z position that is ''user defined'' as 0 and is ''not'' the Machine Home
[* blue] Defining a ''User Home'' position is important for determining the '''Start Point '''of your milling file
[* green] You will define the ''User Home'' by using the '''G92''' command
[* green] The '''G92 '''command will tell BoXZY that the current location of the Attachment Mount for a specified axis is at 0
[* green] ''Example: '' '''G92 Z0'''
[* icon_note] You will '''always''' use the '''G92 Z0''' command before every milling operation, even if you are not using a ''User Home ''for the X and Y axes

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