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[title] incorporate this into step 9 (use this image)
[* icon_note] The deepest cut in our Milling Test file is less than a 1/4" deep. To be on the safe side, keep 1" of space between our bit and material for our air pass.
[* red] Once you've adjusted your Z height to allow 1" of space between the bit and your material, type '''G92 Z0''' into the G-code input line and select '''Send'''.
[* blue] Select the '''Start Print''' button, indicated by the blue arrow in the third image.
[* black] Watch the Milling Test file execute. Once BoXZY has completely stopped moving, you can remove your Milling Head and move on to the next step.
[* black] ++MOVE TO PREVIOUS STEP? use the g1 command to send machine back to 0 and then undo the clamp the z drop back down onto material undoing the air pass height reset++