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[title] SettingSet the Z Start Point
[title] SettingSet the Z Start Point
[* icon_note] Here we’ll show you how to do a tool offset for the Z axis on BoXZY. In other words, this is how you set the '''Z Start Point''': the position where the bit will start to cut into your material.
[* icon_reminder] Until you set the Z Start Point, BoXZY has no idea where the bit is in space. It’s extremely important that BoXZY knows this position in order to mill correctly. Carefully completing this step is mandatory every time you mill.
[* black] Make sure the bit is hovering above your material, not touching it, as we left it in the previous step. Enter '''G1 X0 Y0''' into the G-code input line to send the machine back to its X0, Y0 position. We recommend getting out of the habit of using the home buttons when the Milling Head is inside the Attachment Mount and material is inside of BoXZY.
[* red] After the machine has traveled back to X0, Y0, loosen the clamp on the Attachment Mount and allow the Milling Head to gently slide down until the bit touches your material, as shown by the red arrows in the first image.
[* violet] Slowly move the platform back up, so that it’s gently pushing the Milling Head up. When the base of the router is flush or just a little bit below the base of the Attachment Mount, as shown by the purple arrow in the second image, clamp the Milling Head in place securely. The bit's current location is where you’ll set your Z Start Point.
[* icon_reminder] Make sure you lock your Milling Head into the Attachment Mount firmly and check that it is tight by pulling up on it, verifying that it will not budge. You do not want your Milling Head to come loose when milling.
[* black] Type '''G92 Z0''' into your G-code input line and hit '''Send'''. '''G92''' locks in the current location as the Z0 (Z Start Point). BoXZY doesn’t where the bit is until you use G92. Check that this crucial setting worked by typing in G1 Z0 to send the Milling Head to Z0. If the Head stays still, then you’ve set your Z0 correctly.
[* icon_reminder] Extra care should be taken when completing this step, as setting the Z Start Point incorrectly causes the majority of errors when milling.