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[title] Safe Practices and Double Checking
[* black] Verify the '''Power Switch''' on your Milling Attachment is '''Off'''
[* black] Twist the '''Power Station e-stop''' and '''Key''' so that the ''Green Light'' turns '''On'''
[* red] Type ''' @isathome ''' into your Gcode Sender and select '''Send'''
[* red] '''''@isathome''''' will verify your G92 commands and make the X, Y and Z positional read out say 0. This is indicated by the ''red box ''in the ''first image''
[* icon_note] You can only use @isathome when all of your axes are at your desired User Home position after you have used the G92 command
[* black] Check your ''Clamps'' to verify that your milling material is well secured to the Milling Platform
[* icon_reminder] '''DO NOT''' use the G28 command after defining your User Home position, setting your Z Start Point and locking your Milling Attachment in the Attachment Mount
[* icon_reminder] '''DO NOT''' use the Manual Control tab or send G1 Gcode commands to move your Milling Attachment while your Milling Attachment is in its Start Position and locked in the Attachment Mount

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