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[title] Information for Milling File creation: part 2
[* icon_note] Please review more CNC information at [[CNC Terminology|our CNC wiki]]
[* red] '''Beginners''' should walk through Milling File creation with our [guide|104|easy CAM Guide]
[* blue] '''Advanced''' users can learn more about CAM with Autodesk Fusion 360 by checking out this [|.pdf about 2D CAM]
[* black] When making your first Milling Files use thick soft or hard woods until you are comfortable exploring other material
[* black] Set your '''Speed''' to 4 on the Dial
[* black] Set your '''Feed Rate '''to 10mm/sec (F600 in Gcode)
[* black] Make your Cut Depth 1/8" (~3mm) per pass
[* black] Be cautious and do not focus on optimizing your CAM creation until you have mastery control of using your BoXZY

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