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Step Lines

[title] Milling Project Summary
[* black] '''Machine Home '''your axes with no Attachments or Material in your BoXZY
[* black] Set a '''User Home''' with G1 and G92 commands
[* black] '''Fasten''' your Material to the Milling Platform with your Sacrificial Board, if it is needed
[* black] ''' Load''' your Milling File
[* black] '''Insert''' your Milling Attachment and plug it into the Power Station
[* black] '''Air Pass''' with space between the Milling Bit and Milling Material
[* black] Set your '''Z0 Start Point''' by setting your Milling Bit flush on your Material and using the G92 Z0 command
[* black] '''Run''' Milling Attachment and then your Milling File

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