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[title] Milling on BoXZY: From Start to Finish
[* icon_caution] Safety is your top concern when using BoXZY. BoXZY makes CNC milling easier, but there’s always a chance that something can go wrong. Taking proper care and precautions when milling can prevent damage to yourself or your machine. Make sure you understand all instructions and recommendations to avoid unwanted behavior from your machine.
[* icon_note] These steps summarize how to mill on BoXZY. Each step is a link to a mini-manual that expands on the topic in more detail. '''Before moving on, please read each mini-manual and then complete the instructions on this page for milling a test file.'''
[* icon_reminder] Verify that BoXZY is connected to the BoXZY Interface and that you have [guide|110|homed your empty machine|stepid=531] before beginning these steps.
[* black] '''[guide|137|Step 1: Create a file for the object you wish to mill]'''.
[* black] '''[guide|139|Step 2: Mount your raw material blank or part]'''.
[* black] '''[guide|136|Step 3: Set your Z offset and run an air pass]'''.
[* black] '''Step 54: Execute your file and mill your creation!'''
[* black] '''Step 54: Execute your file and mill your creation!'''
[* icon_note] The rest of this manual will guide you through milling a sample file. '''It's important that you follow this entire manual before attempting to mill your own file'''.