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[title] Run an Air Pass
[title] Run an Air Pass
[* icon_note] Your milling files won't always execute the way you expect them to. An '''air pass''' will let you know what you're in for.
[* icon_reminder] Performing an air pass before every milling file will help you prevent unwanted behavior like the bit cutting your clamps, cutting the file in the wrong location, or moving too fast or too slow.
[* black] '''Undo '''the clamp in the Attachment Mount and '''pull''' the Milling Head up so that the bit is about an 1” above your material, then re-clamp. Our test file is cutting less than ¼” deep, so 1” of air between bit and material gives us plenty of room for it to run.
[* blue] Download the Milling Test file [|HERE]. Load the test file that you just downloaded using the '''Load''' button in the BoXZY Interface, as shown by the blue arrow in the second image.
[* green] Select the '''Start Print''' button, indicated by the green arrow in the second image. Watch the behavior of the machine as it runs an air pass of your file.
[* black] Wait until the file has completed. Then use the '''G1 X0 Y0 Z0''' command to sent the machine back to its 0, 0, 0 position. '''Don't forget to do this after every air pass'''.
[* black] Unclamp the Attachment Mount and let the bit gently '''drop back down''' onto the material, so that your Milling Head is back to your previously set Z0 position. Re-clamp the Milling Head.