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[title] Always Run an Air Pass
[* icon_note] An '''air pass''' is a way to check that your milling file behaves the way you intended by executing the file in air before cutting into your material. It is '''extremely important''' that you always perform an air pass before milling actual material.
[* icon_reminder] Performing an air pass before milling actual material will help you prevent problems like cutting your clamps, cutting material in the wrong location, and moving too fast or too slow.
[* black] To safely run an air pass, you follow all the steps you'd normally follow to mill a file, but you intentionally set your Z User Home too high.
[* icon_note] A good rule is to set it so that the distance between your bit and the milling material is greater than the deepest cut your file will make.
[* icon_caution] When running an air pass, keep the e-stop near you and pay close attention. Even the best machinists perform air passes with their hand on the e-stop.
[* icon_reminder] After running an air pass, always remember to reset the Z User Home back to your material height before executing your file.

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