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[title] Turning the Smart Controller On
[* black] Connect the 12V 2.4A charger to the DC jack (#9 in the diagram) on the back of the BoXZY Smart Controller and plug the charger into your power source.
[* black] Press the power button on the right side of the Smart Controller (#1 in the diagram) for a few seconds to turn it on.
[* icon_caution] Your Smart Controller must be connected to power at all times in order to run. If you unplug the charger from the Smart Controller, it will immediately shut off and any ongoing BoXZY jobs will be terminated immediately.
[* icon_note] We recommend plugging your charger into a wall outlet instead of the outlets on your BoXZY Power Station. This will prevent you from losing access to the BoXZY interface if you have to use the physical e-stop.

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