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[title] Attach the handles
[* black] Your kit should come with two M3x14 bolts, four larger rectangles of 1/8" black delrin plastic, and two slightly smaller rectangles of the same material. The four larger rectangles will be the actual handles themselves. The two smaller rectangles will function as a nut that bolts with thread into.
[* black] Take 2 of the larger black rectangles and stack them on top of each other. Place a bolt through one set of holes. Then place the end of that bolt through one of holes in the a side panel. (1st picture)
[* black] Now take one of the smaller black rectangles and line it up on the inside of the enclosure with the bolt you just inserted. Use your 2.5mm allen key to turn the bolt clockwise while pressing it against the plastic nut. Your bolt should thread into the nut as you turn. It might take a small amount of pressure to start threading. (2nd picture)
[* black] Repeat that same processes with a second hold in order to secure the handle horizontally.

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