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[title] Installing the plugin into Inkscape
[title] Installing the plugin into Inkscape
[* black] Once the '''Inkscape''' window opens press ''Shift+Ctrl+P'' shortcut to open the '''Preferences''' window open then select '''System''' from the menu on the left hand side of the Preferences menu
[* black] Copy the '''User Extensions''' address as indicated in the image with a blue square. Press ''Cmd+Shift+G'' to open the Go To Folder search window and paste the '''User Extensions''' address, as indicated with the green square. Select ''Go'' and the User Extensions folder for Inkscape plugins will open
[* black] Open your web browser downloads and open the '''thlaser-inkscape-plugin-boxzy-2''' folder. Copy '''shinylaser.inx''' and '''''' and paste them into the Inkscape User Extension folder you opened in the previous action in this step, this is indicated by the blue box and arrow
[* black] Close '''Inkscape''' and then reopen it.