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[title] Load ShinyLaser Gcode for BoXZY into Repeater-Host
[* black] Open '''Repetier -Host''', select '''Load G-Code''', as indicated by the red square in the image. Locate the file you saved from the last step and select ''Open''
[* black] Select the Gcode tab in your Repeater-Host interface and examine your Gcode. Notice how the file we have loaded in the image is not positioned in the build area correctly, as indicated with the blue square
[* black] You will not be able to reposition the file in Repeater-Host but you can compensate for the negative space that the file travels into. Continue to the next step before running your Gcode
[* black] To do this, send the '''G92 X0 Y0''' Gcode after you have manually moved your laser head into an X and Y position that will allow your Gcode to execute without hitting a limit switch
[* black] With the laser head removed, home your '''Z Axis'''. Next, measure the material that you are going to laser. Add that measurement (in millimeters) to laser focus distance of '''50.7mm.''' Move your build plate to the combined value and type '''G92 Z0''' in the Gcode sender line and select send. Your laser will now be in focus