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[title] Load ShinyLaser Gcode for BoXZY into Repeater-Host
[* black] Open '''Repetier -Host''', select '''Load G-Code''', as indicated by the red square in the image. Locate the file you saved from the last step and select ''Open''
[* black] Select the Gcode tab in your Repeater-Host interface and examine your Gcode. '''Notice''' how the file we have loaded in the image is not positioned in the build area correctly, as indicated with the blue square
[* black] You will not be able to reposition the file in Repeater-Host so you will need to reposition your vector(s) as seen in the image, indicated with a blue square. Save your file and load it into Repetier-Host
[* black] Move your Z Axis down(positive) to the ''combined value you just calculated ''and type '''G92 Z0''' in the '''Gcode sender''' line and select send to set your Z0 location. Your laser will now be in focus.
[* black] Make sure your Laser is secure and connected correctly, that your material is positioned how you want it, that you have your laser safety glasses on and press '''Run''' to run your file