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Your BoXZY will arrive in a cardboard box with foam inserts on the top and bottom that hold the device in place.

When you open the box, you'll see a few sheets of paper. Look for instructions on how to lift BoXZY without damaging the exterior. After you read these instructions, remove the top foam insert (shown in the first image for this step).

Carefully lift your BoXZY out of the box. Be careful! BoXZY is heavy, so you will want to set it on a sturdy surface.

Remove the clear plastic bag from around your BoXZY (shown in the second image for this step). You might have to cut the bag to remove it.

Your BoXZY will also be wrapped in plastic shrink wrap with the wiring harness cables tucked inside. This is indicated by the green arrow in the third image for this step.

Carefully cut and remove the shrink wrap from your BoXZY.