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When arranging your work area, you should always keep your Power Station easily accessible.

BoXZY's underside has pulleys that run very close to the table. If they rub against surfaces, they can stop the Z axis from moving properly. To avoid this, do not set BoXZY on a soft or uneven surface.

We recommend 3D printing feet or using individual rubber pads if you would like to reduce noise and vibration, or if you'd like to use BoXZY on a bumpy surface.

Many users find that it easiest to use BoXZY when facing its front (shown in the first image for this step) OR when facing its left side (shown in the second image).

BoXZY Team prefers to use BoXZY facing its left side. This is because the side has a wider opening and direct access to the filament drive. The laser preview shows BoXZY from this perspective for that reason.