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BoXZY's power supply is for a 110/115V power input. If you are in an area that has 220/240V you will need a voltage coverter. Information about these can be found HERE

Plug BoXZY into the outlet on your Power Station. The Power Station provides power to BoXZY. It has an e-stop (emergency stop) button, a key switch, and a power indicator light that glows green when power is on.

Connect the Power Station to BoXZY before you plug the Power Station into the wall outlet. The BoXZY Team highly recommends using a surge protector or power strip between the Power Station and wall outlet.

Find the key that came in the BoXZY Power box and turn the keyswitch to the ON position, as indicated by stickers around it. Release the e-stop. Verify that power is on by checking the green indicator light.

Note that one generation of BoXZY does not have a key switch. If your BoXZY does not have a key switch, you will control the power to your BoXZY using the e-stop button. Turn your BoXZY off by pressing the e-stop down. Turn your BoXZY on by turning the e-stop counter clockwise, which deactivates it.

Plug the Power Station cord into your BoXZY. The blue arrow in the second image shows where to plug the Power Station cord into BoXZY's electronics enclosure.

Plug your USB cable into BoXZY, indicated by the green arrow in the second image. Plug the other end of the USB cable into your computer's USB port.

Turn the switch on the bottom of the electronics enclosure to the ON position. This is indicated by the purple arrow in the second image for this step. Check for airflow under the enclosure to verify it is switched ON. You should hear the fans running.