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In your Manual Control Tab you will see a status header that says "Idle" (as indicated by the red arrow in the first image for this step.) This means that no commands are being sent to BoXZY. When you're 3D printing or milling, the header will read "Printing Job ETA <time>" when commands are being sent and/or executed by BoXZY.

Below the status header you will see an input line that reads G-Code with a button that says "Send" (as indicated by the blue arrow and box in the first image). This input line allows you to manually enter codes to move your BoXZY. There will be more on this in following steps.

The green box in the first image shows BoXZY's current position (in millimeters) from the home position.

You will need to "home" BoXZY each time you reconnect or power down the machine, so the machine is accurate. You should never have an attachment installed or material in the bed when you first home BoXZY or it may cause a machine crash

Let's home the X axis. Select the home icon with an X as indicated by the yellow arrow in the first image. The X axis will now move to its home position and push against the minimum limit switch twice to check that it's in the right position.

Let's home the Y axis. Select the home icon with a Y as indicated by the orange arrow. The Y axis should now do its homing sequence as described above.

Let's home the Z axis. Select the home icon with a Z as indicated by the purple arrow. The Z platform will now move upwards toward the attachment mount and bounce against its minimum limit switch twice.

Congratulations you've now homed BoXZY for the first time!