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G-code is the language BoXZY understands. It's how BoXZY knows what to do. When you press a manual control button, the interface automatically sends G-code to BoXZY. You can also enter this code manually.

In any order, select the X home button, the Y home button, and the Z home button to move all 3 axes to their home position.

The BoXZY G-code sender input line is shown in the red box in the first image for this step. This is where you manually enter G-code to send to BoXZY.

Type the following into your G-code sender line: G1 X80. Send this G-code to BoXZY by clicking the Send button. The green arrows in the second image show you these two actions.

The G1 command is the Go To command. As you've now seen, our example G-code, "G1 X80," tells BoXZY to move the Attachment Mount along the X axis to the location that is 80mm away from the home location.

G-code is very simple, but BoXZY is sensitive to formatting. Pay attention to spaces and use your caps lock key.

If you want to move more than one axis at a time, you can. One example is G1 X10 Y20 Z30. This command will move all 3 axes at once to varying positions. Give it a try, listen, and watch as BoXZY moves all of its parts. It's that simple.

You now have full 3 axis control over your BoXZY!