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Most G-code will be produced for you by the BoXZY Interface or by your CAM software (more on this later). Multiple lines of commands to be sent to BoXZY at one time are called scripts. Though these scripts are generated by software, you can also write your own.

We've made our own Gcode commands, now let's make our own G-code script. Select the Print Preview tab (indicated by the green arrow in the first image), then select the G-Code Editor button (indicated by the green box). You now have access to the G-Code Editor.

This is where any G-code script waiting to be started is stored. Scripts contain all the commands required to produce your 3D print, laser etching, or milling job. You shouldn't need to edit your G-code scripts until you've mastered how it works. For now, let's play around with making our own.

BoXZY's G-code is case and formatting sensitive. They are read line by line and are followed in order.

Following the example in the second image, type each line into your G-Code Editor. You only need to copy the text in blue and red. The comments are there for your reference.

Double-check the G-code after you input it into the editor. Remember the lines that begin with a semicolon ( ; ) are comment lines that will not execute as commands. BoXZY ignores them. You can add your own comments by using a semicolon at the beginning of the line.

In the 3D preview window on the left side of the BoXZY Interface, you will see your G-code represented in 3D. You can see this represented by the light blue lines in the third image. Note: You'll discover when you learn to mill that not all codes will give you a 3D visual representation in the preview window.

Verify that there are no Attachment Heads in the Attachment Mount, that the clamp is locked, and the machine is in its "home" position. Then select the Start Print button in the upper left hand corner of the BoXZY Interface (indicated by the red arrow in the third image). Now watch: BoXZY is following your commands.