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BoXZY's Power Station has an Emergency Stop button or e-stop that allows you to immediately stop mistakes once they start. You should always plug your milling head into the Power Station, so that it will stop along with BoXZY if you use the e-stop when milling.

Let's practice using it. Press play on your new G-code script so it starts to run.

About halfway through, hit your big, red, physical e-stop switch on the Power Station, as shown in the first image. This will stop the machine in its tracks.

Now you have stopped the machine from running. We're not ready to twist the button to release just yet. The red arrow in the third image shows the software e-stop button in the upper right corner of the interface.

Now click the software e-stop button. You may hear two small clicks come from the machine when this happens.

You can now twist the physical e-stop button to release it and resume power to BoXZY. You will need to re-home or re-zero the machine whenever you hit the software e-stop. Do that now.

You should always hit the physical e-stop before placing your hands in the machine. You only need to hit the software e-stop button if commands were sent to the machine while the physical e-stop was compressed. This includes times you forget the physical button is still compressed when attempting to resume using BoXZY.