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Always make sure that you and anyone around you are wearing eye protection when milling and laser engraving on BoXZY.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LASER ETCH REFLECTIVE SURFACES: Eye safety is especially important when using BoXZY’s Laser Head. Laser beams can reflect off of shiny surfaces into your eyes, the eyes of people and/or animals around, as well as onto skin, resulting in loss of vision or other physical harm that could be permanemt.

BoXZY's laser is made to quickly lose focus and dissipate over a short distance for safety, unlike a laser pointer. However, this can be undone. Always treat the laser as if it could cause damage at any distance.

Safety is social. When using the laser, always wear Laser Safety Glasses (as shown in the image) that protect from the wavelength of BoXZY’s laser (445nm). Make sure that any people inside the room are also wearing Laser Safety Glasses when the laser is in use. The safety of those around you is your responsibility.