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Before you get started, you'll need some filament. We recommend printing with Hatchbox PLA until you’re comfortable 3D printing on BoXZY.

We don’t recommend changing any printer settings or using different brands/types of filament until you’ve done a few successful prints with Hatchbox PLA.

Cut off the very end of your filament if it is damaged or widened, then straighten the first 3" so that it is completely straight. This will keep the filament from catching internally.

Squeeze the Filament Lever.

Insert your filament through the opening (hole) on the underside of the Filament Lever. This will allow it to travel between the Filament Drive Gear and Bearing. Do this so that it sticks up out of the Filament Drive about 1", as seen in the first image.

Use the Manual Extrude button in the Manual Control tab to "extrude" 100mm of filament, as shown by the red arrow in the third image. Try to keep the filament from moving with 2 fingers while your hand is stationary, as shown in the second image. The machine should be able to pull filament through your squeezed fingers if tensioned correctly.

Now you've completed testing your filament drive!

Check out a video guide for more instruction on loading your 3d printer filament by clicking here!