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Note: People frequently use the terms Extruder, Hotend, Nozzle, and Printer Head interchangeably when talking about 3D printing.

Lower your Z with a G1 Z100 code.

Once again use a straightened length of filament and insert it directly into the white filament tube coming from the 3D Printing Head. Push the filament until you can no longer push it. Make sure you leave the 3D Printing Head in the Attachment Mount.

Using the Manual Control tab, turn your extruder heater on to 210 C. First select the extruder icon, shown by the red circle in the first image. Then either drag the temperature bar to 210, or type 210 into the temperature setting box, shown by the red arrow. You must de-select the box or press tab when finished for the setting to be saved.

Check that the nozzle reaches the target temperature from the reading shown in the first image. There are two different places where you can check this and they're both indicated by a pink arrow.

When it reaches 210 C, use your hands to hold the filament tube and push the filament into the 3D Printing Head, as shown by green arrows in the second image.

This will require a fair amount of force. Remember you are pushing a 1.75mm piece of plastic through a 0.4mm hole

Once you see filament coming out of your extruder, like in the third image, push a few inches of filament through. You have now verified the 3D Printing Head is working correctly.