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Click the Load button (circled in yellow in the first image) to load your 3D file. Your file should be a .STL file type. Most CAD programs will allow you to save or export as this file type.

When in the Object Placement tab, the screen is a digital representation of BoXZY's Leveling Platform. Once you load a 3D file, it will allow you to move and scale your object relative to the print area, prior to slicing.

Use the Center Object button (indicated by the pink arrow) if you want to move the object to the center of the platform.

You can Scale your 3D file inside the window if it's too big or too small, as shown by the orange arrow.

You can Rotate the object in any dimension on the platform. Use the rotate functions shown by the blue arrow.

A 3D file can be saved or exported in inches versus millimeters. Make sure you select the right units based on the file you're loading, as shown in the second photo.