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If your Printing Head has a clamp around the canister, as shown in the first picture, you will need to complete the following step. If your Printing Head does not have have the clamp, please skip to Step 5. The clamp is unique to BoXZY V1.3.

Slide the clamp to the top of the 3D printer canister while you are leveling your platform

Once you have set your nozzle height, slide the clamp until it is flush with the gantry and tighten the bolt. Make sure that your nozzle is over the business card when setting the clamp height.

You will not have to set your nozzle height again after setting the clamp unless you change the height of the platform. If you change the tape or add any substance to the platform, you will need to readjust the clamp. Always reset the clamp after changing the platform height in anyway.