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You have the options to Engrave an image, Cut Outline an image or Both using the dropdown box in the Process Panel. This is shown by the red arrow in the image.

You can adjust the Speed as a percentage of the maximum speed that BoXZY will allow, indicated by the orange arrow.

You can use the Etch Power boxes (shown in yellow) to adjust the laser’s min and max power output. This restricts the range of shades that appear in the etching. You always want to set your max power to the lowest possible percentage that gives you the darkest, deepest etch. Usually your material determines what that lowest possible value is.

The first value, shown in the yellow box, sets the lowest power the laser will use. This should match the lowest power that will start to mark the material. If = 20, the laser will run at 20% power for the first shade gradient darker than the lightest shade in the image

The second value, shown by the yellow arrow, sets the max power. If this = 100, then the laser will engrave the darkest parts of your image at 100% power. If it’s at 80%, then the laser will only engrave the darkest parts of your image at 80% power. Keep in mind that setting max power too high can hurt gradient definition, explained Here

When the Antialiasing Cut Edges box is checked, the edges of your image will be smoothed out and less pixelated when the laser performs a cut path.

The pink arrow indicates the Home X and Y button. Be careful using this button with your Laser Head inserted into your Attachment Mount when there is material on your Leveling Platform.

Begin your etch by selecting the Print button. Be sure that you and anyone around you are wearing Laser Safety Glasses while the laser is on.