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The Focus button (shown by the red arrow) will send the Z axis to the position of the laser's focal distance, 50.7mm.

The Material box (shown by the orange arrow) is where you enter the thickness of the material you're lasering.

The Z box (shown by the green arrow) shows the value you get when you add the material thickness to the laser's focal distance.

The Arrows in the Z box will adjust the laser focus by 0.1mm up or down. These arrows will allow you to adjust the Laser focus and fine-tune the quality of your etching or cut.

The Z button will send the Milling Platform and Leveling Platform to the Z axis home. Do not use this button when there is material in your BoXZY or an Attachment Head in the Mount.

The Single Arrow Z Button (shown by the light blue arrow) will move the Z axis up or down 1mm.

The Double Arrow Z Button (shown by the dark blue arrow) will move the Z axis up or down 10mm.