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To load a file to the Laser Tab select the Open button in the upper left hand corner of the screen, as shown by the blue arrow in the image.

Remember: You can only load image files using the BoXZY Tab. You cannot use the same Load button that you use to load milling or 3D printing files.

Locate the image file you want to Laser etch or cut. Remember: The Laser Tab can accept .png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, and .tif files.

Remember to move the image around the Main Preview Window to where you want your material to sit on the Leveling Platform. Click the On button in the Alignment Panel to activate Alignment Mode. Then use the red crosshairs to precisely locate where the laser will etch the image onto your material.

The BoXZY Interface will automatically convert colored images to grayscale. Images intended for cutting should only be in black and white, or the cut outline function will not work properly. If you'd like to use vector files to experiment further with cutting, you can use a BoXZY user-designed plugin for Inkscape.

This guide has instructions for installing the Inkscape plugin on a Mac, but you can use it on Windows too. Just download the Windows version of Inkscape.

Before you use your Laser Head on a new material, do your research on the danger of its fumes. Avoid chemically treated and non-natural materials. Use fan ventilation when necessary and never attempt to etch onto a material that releases hazardous fumes, is mirrored, or is highly reflective