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Note: The Laser Tab isn't an image editor. Use the image editor of your choice to scale and size images before loading into BoXZY. To avoid longer etching times and stray pixels, we highly recommend using high quality .png files with completely transparent backgrounds.

Scaling your image. When preparing an image to etch, you want to scale your image relative to BoXZY's native resolution: 254 pixels per inch (ppi). You can set image resolution in your image editor.

Sizing your image. When sizing your image file, remember that 1 pixel = 0.1mm to BoXZY. For example, if you want your etch to be 20mm wide, you'll need to create an image file that is 200 pixels wide.

Take note of BoXZY's orientation shown in the left preview window (shown on the left side of the first image):

The blue arrow in the left preview window points to the pulley cover for the Y axis.

The orange arrow points to the X, Y home axes. This is where all images will be first placed when you load them.

The green circle indicates a red crosshairs, which shows where the Laser Head is physically centered over.

You may have to modify your image orientation depending on how you place your material within BoXZY.