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Use the directional pad on the Alignment Panel (green box in image 1) to move the red crosshairs to the dot in the middle of the circle, as shown in image 2. The red crosshairs show the Laser's actual [current] location, inside the machine, exactly where it'll be when etching that specific portion of your image. It corresponds to the laser dot

You can also use the X and Y boxes, shown in the yellow box in image 1, to more finely move the red crosshairs/Laser's blue dot.

If you need to, move your material so that the blue laser dot lines up exactly with the center of the material. This is how you physically align your material to the center of the image

Using the X and Y directional pad, move the red crosshairs around to each corner of the square, as shown in image 3.

At each corner, look at the position of the blue laser dot on your material inside of BoXZY. This is where each corner of the square will be etched onto your material. Use this to align your material to the corners of the image you want to etch. You can re-position the image in the preview window OR the material, or both.

In the Process Panel, click the Print button to begin the Square Circle image and watch BoXZY perform the Alignment Panel Test. After the test is finished, press your physical e-stop (remember to twist and release the e-stop before attempting to resume using BoXZY) and examine your Alignment Panel Test

Keep your Laser Safety Glasses on and make sure that anyone in viewing distance of the laser is wearing Laser Safety Glasses.