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Lower the Milling Platform using the positive Z manual controls (shown in the red box in the first image) to create the clearance you need to mount your material. Move the platform down far enough so that you can temporarily set in the Milling Attachment to use the bit for alignment.

The upcoming Milling Test file does not cut all the way through the material, so you do not need to use the sacrificial board for the following steps.

Place a piece of wood that is at least 3.5" x 8" x 0.5" in dimension onto your Milling Platform. Align the 8" length so it's parallel with the movement of the Y axis.

Firmly secure the wood to the platform. We used nuts and bolts, as shown in the third image, but you can clamp your material instead.

Make sure your clamps or bolts are outside of BoXZY's range of travel.