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Editing Step 7 —

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Until you set the Z Start Point, BoXZY does not know where the bit is in relationship to the material. It’s extremely important that BoXZY knows this position in order to mill correctly.

Enter G1 X0 Y0 into the G-code input line to send the machine back to its X0, Y0 position.

Do not use home buttons or a G28 command. They will undo your User Home position and potentially lead to a crash if anything is inside the machine.

Unclamp the Attachment Mount and allow the Milling Head to gently slide down until the bit touches your material, as shown by the red arrows in the first image.

Move the platform upwards, allowing it to push the Milling Head up with it until the base of the its outer body is flush or slightly below the base of the Attachment Mount, as shown by the purple arrow in the second image.

Type G92 Z0 into your G-code input line and hit Send. This will set the current position of your Z axis as 0

Verify your current Z position has been set to 0 by entering G1 Z0. It should not move.

Clamp your Attachment Mount. If the attachment can rotate with careful but firm pressure, the clamp should be tightened. Check that the clamp is completely pushed in whenever you're milling.