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Machine Home is the the position the axes go to when using the BoXZY Interface home buttons, or when the G28 G-code command is used.

Machine Home uses the minimum limit switches to determine when X, Y, and Z are in the home position.

User Home is any X, Y, Z position that the user defines as 0 that is not the Machine Home.

You define the User Home using a G92 command followed by the axis designation (X, Y, Z) and "0". Ex: G92 Z0.

Using G28 or a home button after defining User Home with G92 will undo your User Home. If this happens, you'll need to reset your User Home with G92.

You will always follow step 4 in this manual to set a User Home for the Z axis before every milling operation, even if you are not creating a User Home for the X and Y axes. This is to account for your material's height on the Milling Platform and the length of the bit.

Why would I define a User Home for my X and Y axis? Here is one reason.