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Find the drawn line, edge, or other position that you wish to be your X0 (as shown in the first image) and align the center of your bit to it using manual controls. Make sure your milling bit is slightly above your material, not touching it.

An easy alignment method is to use a thin bit with a sharp point to find the edge first, as shown in the second image. Set your 0 with the thin, pointed bit and then swap your work bit back into the attachment.

Type G92 X0 into your G-code input line, shown in the red box in the third image, and select Send. This sets your current position as 0.

Type G1 X0 into your G-code input line and select Send to verify your 0 position for the X axis.

Your head should not move when you perform the G1 X0 command, because you just set that position as 0. If it does, move back to your desired user home position and perform the G92 command again.

It is extremely important to verify the 0 position was set properly to avoid crashes during milling.